A Nice Surprise!

Today we received a nice surprise – flowers from a client grateful for more than 30 years of sobriety. The flowers are beautiful, but even more is the healing they represent. 


This has turned into a week of looking back – and forward.


We are preparing to celebrate our 40th anniversary this year and have been enjoying newsletters from the early days as we look at our history. We found a couple of old photos of one of our long-time staff members – Brad Brodeur, MA, M.Div., CPC – just as he is retiring! Brad joined our clinical staff 29 years ago and started Saint Luke’s Halfway House post-residential transitional program. He has served as its coordinator for 22 years and will be greatly missed.


Looking back on the past 29 years, Brad said Saint Luke’s is “the ministry of Jesus Christ for the ministers of Jesus Christ.”


Every day, we pray for our clients, past and present, and for all priests and religious in need of healing, wherever they are:


Prayer to Saint Luke for

Clergy and Religious in Need of Healing


Blessed Saint Luke,

Physician of body and soul,

Your Gospel perfectly captures

the Mercy of Jesus,

Who loves and heals with

such tenderness.

He knew the physical, mental and spiritual challenges

Of the many who would minister in His name!

Intercede for us, we beg you,

That Christ’s compassion may touch

the life of (name),

And of all priests and consecrated religious in need of healing.



(c) Saint Luke Institute 2017