Saint Luke Mourns Death of William Mann, Founding Chairman of the Board

Mr. and Mrs. William Mann

It was with great sorrow that we learned of the passing of Mr. William Mann, the founding Chairman of the Board for Saint Luke Institute. He was instrumental in the vision and development of Saint Luke Institute from our first days 40 years ago and he continued, with his wife Anna, to encourage and support our mission.


As with many people, Bill’s interest in psychological treatment began when someone who was close to him needed assistance. He came from a devout Catholic family who came to know a priest psychologist in the late 1970s. The priest shared with them a vision of a Catholic treatment center that would combine modern psychiatry with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Bill joined the Board of Directors of the new Marsalin Institute in Massachusetts. The center struggled, but Bill’s commitment to the mission never wavered.


In 1977, he approached a priest psychologist in the Archdiocese of Washington who was starting an outpatient center in Maryland, Saint Luke Institute, with the approval of Cardinal William Baum.


The two collaborated, joining the centers and, by 1981, the residential program in Massachusetts moved to Maryland to form one center of care.


Bill Mann remained Saint Luke’s biggest champion, serving as Chairman of the Board for 29 years. In 2006, as he reflected upon his years of service, he said that Cardinal Hickey once put the mission of Saint Luke so well. As Bill said, “With the acknowledgement of our weaknesses, be they physical or spiritual, we take our first steps toward healing and redemption.”


He added, “This is what we [at Saint Luke Institute] are all about. … This Institute is going to survive because there is nothing else like it. This experience has been truly a great privilege and a joy.”


It was our privilege and joy to have Bill Mann at our side and on our side for the past 40 years. He will be deeply missed, but we pray for the repose of his soul, confident he is resting peacefully with the Lord in eternal life.


To him, we say, “On behalf of all the men and women whose vocations you saved because you believed in them, thank you.”