Following Jesus to Healthier Ministry

The president of Saint Luke Insitute recently authored an article in The Priest magazine (published by Our Sunday Visitor). In the article, Fr. David Songy, O.F.M.Cap., S.T.D., Psy.D., offers practical tips for priest self-care and a focus on Jesus for setting a standard of self-care. 


Following Jesus to healthier ministry

To care for others, priests must care for themselves


Living in an age plagued by self-centeredness — and conscious of the steadily decreasing clergy/parishioner ratio — many priests today would consider a serious reflection on self-care to be overly indulgent. While I occasionally have encountered pastors who seem overly invested in days off, vacation, taking time for themselves and pursuing a variety of hobbies and social interests, the vast majority find it difficult to meet the many needs of their people without sacrificing time, plans and even prayer.


Attention to duty is admirable, but ignoring basic human needs eventually takes a toll. More importantly, Jesus Christ himself set a standard for self-care that a priest endeavoring to follow his lead should consider.


Taking sufficient time to rest and pray is essential for us to minister to others. Read more at The Priest, including simple steps to follow plus a self-care inventory.