Pope Francis on Seminarian Formation in Amoris Laetitia

Papal audience

In his apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis highlights the importance of psychological formation and affective maturity for seminarians:


“Seminarians should receive a more extensive interdisciplinary, and not merely doctrinal, formation in the areas of engagement and marriage. Their training does not always allow them to explore their own psychological and affective background and experiences. Some come from troubled families, with absent parents and a lack of emotional stability. There is a need to ensure that the formation process can enable them to attain the maturity and psychological balance needed for their future ministry. …” (para 203)


Saint Luke Institute is a partner with dioceses and religious congregations in providing candidate assessments, initial formation, ongoing education and, when needed, psychological treatment, as part of our commitment to healthy life and ministry for seminarians, priests and consecrated religious.


Our Candidate Assessment Program provides integrated psychological and spiritual assessments for applicants to the diocesan priesthood and religious life across North America and, through our partner, St. Luke’s Centre, in the United Kingdom. 


SLIconnect.org, our online education resource, includes dozens of webinars and videos on formation and healthy living for men and women in formation, priests, men and women religious and lay leaders in the Church. 


Several progams specific to seminaries and initial formation include: