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Depression or Dementia?
Lukenotes, Winter 2016 Case study | PDF for download (article + case study) Lukenotes archives As individuals age, behaviors often change, but the cause may not be clear. For example, depression and dementia often present similar symptoms on the surface. Neuropsychological assessment, which involves the study of brain-behavior relationships, is an important tool for making a differential diagnosis of psychiatric and neurological disorders.   It utilizes tests that evaluate a broad range of cognitive skills. These include intellectual ...
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Director of Spiritual Formation
Saint Luke Institute is seeking a priest or consecrated religious to serve as director of spiritual formation at its Silver Spring, Maryland location. The director will be responsible for developing and overseeing a comprehensive spiritual formation program for clients; supervising the spiritual formation team; and collaborating closely with the clinical staff. Responsibilities include providing spiritual assessments, individual spiritual formation that is integrated with the therapeutic needs of the clients, spirituality groups ...
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Shepherding in Tragic Times: Caring for Self and Others in Trauma
In times of trauma or tragedy, Catholic priests, deacons, sisters, educators and other staff are called upon to bring comfort and healing. They also may be struggling with the trauma themselves while trying to help others.  Join priest-psychologist, Monsignor Stephen J. Rossetti, for a free webinar on August 31 (and on-demand afterward): "Shepherding in Tragic Times: Caring for Self and Others in Trauma."  Msgr. Rossetti will explore the psychological and spiritual impact of trauma on ...
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Lukenotes: Intervention 101
"Intervention 101" is the topic of the newest Lukenotes. Learn how to plan, implement and follow-up an intervention Dr. Steve Alexander's article. He is on the clinical staff of Saint Luke Institute's Halfway House Program. In the accompanying case study, Holy Child Sister Peggy Crowley, a member of Saint Luke's continuing care team, explores "little 'i' interventions": small decisions and events that can have a powerful impact.  Also online is an easy-to-access archive of ...
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Addressing Relapse in Ministry Settings
 Stephen Carroll, Ph.D., LCPC, Coordinator, Saint Luke Institute Visitation Program Recovery is a life-long journey.  Any experience of sustained recovery will most likely include one or more scary episodes of possible relapse.  For the recovering addict and the people who support him or her, the word “relapse” causes fear because it indicates the return of chaos, hopelessness and self-destructive behavior.  Fears about Relapse Men and women in ministry can experience feelings of shame and disappointment ...
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Navigating the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Ministry
 About one out of every six priests in the U.S. has come from another country, and 31 percent of the ordination class of 2014 was born in another country, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA). As of 2010, one-third of American parishes were home to two or more languages or cultural communities (USCCB). These numbers are an indication of how ...
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