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“The work you do at SLI is not just a career but a vocation in service to God by serving men and women who are in need of help.” – Former Resident

Why Donate to Saint Luke Institute?

  • To thank the priests, brothers and sisters who have been there in our times of need  
  • To keep our Church leaders healthy
  • To expand access to quality and affordable education  

How You Make a Difference

  • Ensure priests, sisters and brothers, many of whom take vows of poverty, can get the spiritual and psychological care they need.
  • Help priests and consecrated religious return to healthy ministry; over 75 percent of our residential-program clients return to ministry.
  • Educate 3,000 priests, sisters, brothers and lay leaders worldwide every year.
  • Give hope and change lives. As a former resident put it, “Saint Luke’s is a lifesaving station….I [thank] the benefactors of Saint Luke’s for caring for those they never will see or know and, by doing so, have a broader impact than they ever will realize.”

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