Saint Luke Institute offers a number of resources for individuals seeking to grow in healthy life and ministry, or to gain practical skills for healthier professional and personal relationships:

  • Webinars
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Free publications

Webinars webinars (live and archived) offer practical tips on topics such as navigating challenging personalities, healthy communications, building resiliency, healthy boundaries, addictions, managing stress, preventing ministry burnout and more. One hour can make a difference in your personal life, work and ministry.


Psycho-educational Groups


Individuals in the Washington, DC metro area are invited to join our Healthy Life groups. These are small groups that meet for just 4-7 sessions and offer skill-building, education and confidential discussion around a specific topic.


Examples include emotional effectiveness, overcoming stress or managing sexual struggles. Groups are facilitated by therapists with Caritas Counseling Center, the outpatient program of Saint Luke Institute..  




Read our free Lukenotes and Connections newsletters for in-depth information and practical tips for healthy life and ministry.


If you are struggling with pornography use, please see our resources page at