Continuing Care


Healing is a process, so Saint Luke Institute offers comprehensive follow-up programs that help men and women who have completed residential care reinforce their therapy gains.


Continuing Care Program

  • Five year follow-up, including periodic renewal weeks at Saint Luke Institute
  • Consultation for leadership
  • Therapists who specialize in continuing care support
  • Contract with goals and action steps developed by the individual and his/her therapists, and reviewed by his/her community contact person
  • Re-entry workshop with a local support team to review the contract and treatment process, and help develop skills to support and challenge the individual
  • Weekly telephone contact with a continuing care therapist for at least 4 – 6 weeks

Halfway House


Halfway House is a transitional program at the Silver Spring campus for individuals who have completed residential treatment, but need additional time to integrate treatment gains in a less structured environment before returning to community. The program also can help those who have relapsed or must transition out of ministry. The length of stay varies based on the individual, but typically is six months or less.


Outpatient Therapy


Individuals who participate in outpatient therapy following residential treatment may consider one of our outpatient programs: Caritas Counseling (Maryland), Saint Luke Center (Kentucky), St. Louis Consultation Center (Missouri) and St. Luke’s Centre (Manchester, UK).