Residential Programs for Men and Women

Saint Luke Institute offers flexible-length residential programs for Catholic clergy and men and women religious. Residential treatment provides the time a person needs for intensive treatment that integrates psychological, spiritual and physical wellness. These programs help participants move toward healing, recovery and skill-building.

An evaluation determines whether residential treatment is recommended, as well as the approach and timeframe (six weeks to six months).

Flexible-length Program

Our shorter treatment programs (starting at six weeks) supports individuals on addressing motivation for change on an issue or medication adjustments. The program includes individual therapy, skill building, mindfulness, spiritual integraion, medical and nutritional consultations and more.

A client progress review is held every four weeks to determine whether a client would continue in the program, shift into the six-month program or is ready for discharge.

Men’s Intensive Residential Program 

Residents in our longer program – typically six months – participate in a range of therapies, spiritual formation, psycho-education, nutritional counseling, physical health assessments and wellness activities and, when appropriate, 12-step recovery programs. Our staff includes psychologists and therapists, a psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, doctor, 24-hour nursing staff, physical therapist, nutritionist, art and movement therapists and a spiritual formation team, allowing us to provide holistic care.

In addition to patient-staff conferences held at regular intervals, our staff provides regular oral and written feedback to an individual’s diocesan or community liaison regarding client progress.

Talitha-Life Residential Program for Women


The Talitha-Life Program was designed by women for women religious. Participants live in a private residential area with private bedrooms and women-only lounges. Life-skills education and many therapy groups are for women only, and participants gain skills for community life. nuns hands left nav

Common challenges facing our Talitha-Life clients include anxiety, stress, addictions, hoarding, history of trauma, boundary issues, and depression and other mood disorders.

Contact: Michelle Short, Admissions Coordinator, at or 301-422-5429