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Vol. 3: Depression or Dementia?

It can be difficult to determine if certain behavior changes that occur as someone ages are due to depression or dementia since the two conditions share a number of symptoms. Neuropsychological assessment helps identify the cause of behavior change so a person can get the right treatment.

Vol. 2: Why Six Months: Choosing the Right Treatment

Why do two people with the same issue, such as depression or alcohol abuse, end up with different treatment recommendations? Learn how therapists make their recommendations, then meet "Sr. Patty" as she gains new insights into her challenges and how to address them successfully.

Vol. 1: Relapse Recovery

Relapses are not uncommon in addiction recovery. Successful treatment focuses on identifying what happened, why the process of recovery failed and then adjusting a person’s skills and knowledge to the situation, not unlike the treatment of any chronic disease.

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