Lukenotes is a free publication of Saint Luke Institute. Published quarterly, each issue goes in-depth on a current topic in psychological or behavorial health that is affecting Catholic clergy and religious. Lukenotes is written by experts on our clinical staff.


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Vol. 3: Is it ADHD?

It has become common to hear people self-diagnose that they have ADHD, but do they? A number of moods and behaviors can mimic ADHD and the wrong diagnosis can mean the wrong treatment. Learn ten criteria we use to help determine if someone has ADHD.

Vol. 2: Cultural Identity and International Ministers

Successful ministry in our diverse Church environment calls for acculturation – adaptation to a new culture through the adoption of values and customs while retaining elements of one’s own culture. Individuals who struggle with this ... may be at risk for developing depression and anxiety, and their new communities may be impacted. Learn more about cultural identity and strategies that work.

Vol. 1: Diagnosing Adult Autism

The effects of autism on adults can be broad and at times limiting as they typically face challenges in three core areas: communication, social interaction and repetitiveness. These adults may also have depression, ADHD or medical conditions such as epilepsy and may have been misdiagnosed in the past.

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