Saint Luke Institute offers a full range of psychological screening, treatment and education services for Catholic clergy and men and women religious from around the world. Our wide range of treatment programs allows us to tailor treatment to an individual’s needs, and our follow-up care provides the professional support an individual needs to continue the process of healing.

Consultation and Assessments

  • Candidate assessments for those discerning the priesthood or religious life
  • Confidential consultation for leadership regarding personnel issues
  • Comprehensive, five-day evaluation with recommendations for next steps
  • Aging and memory evaluation

Treatment Options

Residential Follow-up Programs

  • Continuing care
  • Halfway House transitional program
  • Outpatient counseling

As a Catholic organization with 40 years of experience treating Catholic clergy and religious, we understand the importance of faith in the lives and vocations of those we serve. We are committed to a healthy life and ministry for a healthy Church and offer integrated spiritual and psychological care in our programs.

Our Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment Following Allegations

Saint Luke Institute provides three primary services for clients: an evaluation, which is a comprehensive, five-day assessment that guides next steps, treatment (residential and outpatient), and continuing care (five-year follow-up plans).

Individuals typically are referred to Saint Luke Institute for issues such as depression, addiction, trauma, anxiety, and burnout. Over the years, a small proportion of our clients have been referred following misconduct allegations.

Saint Luke is a professional, accredited behavioral treatment center that follows established clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. Diagnoses are aligned with objective clinical definitions from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (Popularly known as the “DSM-5.”) This includes the diagnosis of pedophilia.

When a presenting situation does not meet the established industry criteria for a diagnosis, yet clinical concerns exist, our clinical team will identify and recommend in writing restrictions on behavior or ministry. These recommendations are precautions designed to prevent potential harm to others. We are mandated to report any suspected abuse of a minor to civil authorities.

The understanding and treatment of behavioral and mental health issues continue to evolve, as in any medical field. Saint Luke clinicians not only keep up with professional standards but actively contribute to research in the areas of diagnosis and treatment. One example is “Predicting Relapse for Catholic Clergy Sex Offenders: The Use of the Static-99,” published in a professional journal in 2012.

We share in the grief over the harm that has been done by ministers in the Catholic Church and we remain committed to providing quality, professional treatment, and research that will contribute to a healthier clergy and Church.

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